Because of many things, Argyle is a great place for families with children to consider. First of all, many other families with children live here, making Argyle a place where both parents and children are more likely to develop social ties with other families, as well as find family-oriented services and community. The city’s good public school district and large population of college-educated adults provide an environment conducive to academic values. With regard to real estate, Argyle has a high rate of owner-occupied single family homes, which tends to reflect stability in the local community. Finally, Argyle’s overall crime rate is lower than average for the country.

One downside of living in Argyle, however, is that residents on average have to contend with a long commute, spending on average 32.65 minutes every day commuting to work.

As is often the case in a small city, Argyle doesn’t have a public transportation system that people use for their commute.

Do you have a 4-year college degree or graduate degree? If so, you may feel right at home in Argyle. 57.33% of adults here have a 4-year degree or graduate degree, whereas the national average for all cities and towns is just 21.84%.

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