Large, imposing, and grandiose, the Arrington real estate listings are the ultimate image of luxury and status. They come in all sizes and styles, which is not surprising as these homes were built within a wide time period. The oldest properties were constructed in the 1970s, and there are new ones that were built just the past decade.

Some of the real estate listings in Arrington are traditional in architecture. There are also completely modern and contemporary ones, but the most common homes are a combination of traditional American homes with fine modern design details. There are also a lot that are clearly inspired by such styles as Mediterranean and Asian. Dramatic arches, cozy outdoor sitting areas, bold angles and sharp lines, and sprawling lawns covered in lush greenery are the first that you are bound to notice once you set foot here.

Another key advantage of living here is that this residential neighborhood is close to great schools, offices, and various commercial establishments. Many of the residents even choose not to drive to finish their daily errands because aside from being so close to the metro, the view is great and the roads are perfect for strolls.

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