Deer Valley

ATTRACTIONS3/10COMMUNITY5/10NIGHTLIFE3/10DINING3/10SHOPPING3/10I have owned my home in the Deer Valley area for over 27 years. It sits in an area that literally had nothing around it in the 1970s, when my friends would hold drinking parties out in the middle of nowhere. Soon enough, nowhere became a neighborhood. I guess the most distressing thing about the Deer Valley area is that it is merely a place to live. There has been no new development near my home in over 10 years.

If you want to do something interesting in the Deer Valley Area, you don’t have a lot of choices. It is the home of one of Phoenix’s best-kept secrets, the Phoenix Rock Art Center. Located at the point where Deer Valley Road meets the mountains, the Center highlights an amazing display of petroglyphs carved into the mountain rock by early Native American tribes. Animals, humans and tribal symbols can be found in abundance here. But that’s pretty much it for local entertainment.

Silverlake Village at night Deer Valley Resort Photography by: Dan Campbell 435-901-8830 All rights reserved. For use by Premier Resorts for calendar year 2009. 1 year usage.

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