About The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum in El Mirage, AZ

For 60 years, the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum has served as a community landmark. The first property in Sun City West, the museum has been a staple of the city’s history. Since its opening, it has won numerous awards, including Best Museum in Arizona. A new exhibit honors Del Webb’s iconic ads and highlights the company’s influence. These ads were once buried in the Museum’s archives but are now on display for the public.

The first Del Webb Sun City was built in 1959 as an active adult community. The first homes were marketed as “America’s most popular resort” and cars lined Grand Avenue as they entered. Model homes lined Oakmont Avenue, where visitors crowded the model homes. The town’s name was chosen by a contest, and a man named E.A. Britton won the prize. The base price of his home was $8,500. The Meadowgrove Model 1A-R was the most expensive home in Sun City.

The Sun Cities Area Historical Society was formed in 1986 to serve educational and civic purposes. In 1989, the society purchased the first model home built by Del Webb, which opened to the public on January 1, 1960. The museum was restored to serve as the Society’s headquarters and was named the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum. It reopened in 2010 and is home to several exhibits. The museum is situated in the first five model homes built by the Sun City developer.

Another organization within the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum is the Sun City Area Historical Society. The society collects and displays artifacts and records from the history of Sun City West. The Sun Cities Area Historical Society’s mission is to enhance public awareness of the city’s history by preserving artifacts and records. They also hope to educate future generations about the area’s pioneering past. The museum is the only building in Sun City listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The new museum will reopen in December. The new exhibits will feature the city’s role in the development of active-adult retirement communities. The museum’s new look will showcase Sun City’s rich history and how it has transformed retirement. The museum is also home to an artifact collection, including original model homes. You can explore the history of the Sun City community through the museum’s various exhibits. And if you’re looking for a place for your parents, the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum might be the place for you.

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