About The Fightertown Paintball Park in El Mirage, AZ

You can play paintball at the renowned Fightertown Paintball Park, which is located in El Mirage, AZ. It features two large paintball fields, each posing its own unique challenges. In Field 1, you can dive behind abandoned buildings and sneak through urban landscapes. In Field 2, you’ll descend into fox holes or engage in trench warfare. Paint splatters will help you communicate with other players. The venue hosts long scenarios and open play sessions.

Located at North 121st Avenue in El Mirage, AZ, Fightertown Paintball Park is one of the best places to get your team together and test their tactical skills. In this outdoor paintball arena, you’ll be able to take out your frustrations on your opponents. There are boulders, barrels, and other obstacles to navigate. Although this outdoor paintball field is seasonal due to the summer heat, the area is perfect for private parties, corporate team-building events, and more.

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