About The Splash Pad And Picnic Area El Mirage, AZ

The Splash Pad And Picnic Area¬†staff know how to make everyone’s visit a memorable one. You can expect to find everything from flower showers to bubble machines at these locations. The best part is that you can visit during normal park hours. To learn more, read on! Here are some reasons to visit this location with your family or friends. After all, there’s nothing quite like splashing in a pool on a warm day!

The boardwalk splash pad is next to the Boardwalk Cafe. This splash pad is designed to look like the blades of sea grass blowing on a dune. Kids can play in the water sprays by pushing buttons. Each button releases a different pattern of water. There are two separate spray areas for toddlers and older kids. Another feature is a giant sunflower. Inflatable water slides are a must-see, and you can even wash your kids in the kiddie-car wash. The water play area also features a fenced wading pool.

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