When summer rolls around and brings with it those high temperatures your first line of defense is your air conditioning system.  It keeps your home cool and comfortable, and with regular maintenance your air conditioner can last for years.  But if your air conditioning isn’t performing as it should it may be time to have someone come in and look at it.  But how to know when you need a new ac system and not just a quick repair is complicated, here is how you can tell it’s time for a new AC system.

No cold air

You have your air conditioner cranked up to full blast and it is still stifling hot in your home.  The air coming out of the vents just isn’t cold.  There are a couple of reasons that could be happening, your compressor has died or you don’t have enough Freon in the system anymore.  Either of these things are too costly to repair and it is time to replace.

Moisture around your system

If you have moisture around your system you have a big problem.  There are two possible causes the first being that you are leaking refrigerant.  Refrigerant leaks need to be dealt with right away as it is toxic and dangerous to your family.  The other possible cause is that the drain tube which is responsible for disposing of condensation isn’t working.  While this isn’t as dangerous as leaking refrigerant it can cause mold which will be a problem.  Either way if you have moisture gathering around your air conditioning system you need to bring in an AC repair company.

Strange noises or smells

When you turn on your air condition and it is loud and noisy or there are funky smells coming from the vents it could be a problem.  Often this means that the insulation around the wires has burned out or there is mold inside the ductwork.  Maintenance every year can help prevent this from happening but if it is already happening you need to bring in a pro.

No homeowner wants to have to replace their air conditioning unit, but if repairs are becoming too frequent or too expensive then it may be necessary.  Regular maintenance from a reputable HVAC company can reduce the need to have your air conditioning unit replaced.  Once you start having to call a local repair company more than once a year the old unit may have to go.  The newer units are far more energy efficient and will end up costing you less overall.